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Totally Texas Festival


Totally Texas Festival

Our assignment in our photography class at church was to hit The Totally Texas Festival, turn our cameras on manual and practice what we learned. Honestly, I'm an Auto camera taking fool! I always edit my photos but his class has made me flip a switch and learn to use my camera.
I love the lighting in this photo. I don't like that I chopped her head off but I really love the color. It took me a long time to get my settings just right.
This is a shot on the left side of the stage of our church's Praise Band. It was really sunny out and I was having a hard time adjusting the lighting in my photos.

We goofed up a bit because my husband and I showed up with our cameras but neither of us brought any money. Our kids were less than happy with the two of us. Lucky for us there was face painting!

Our little girl is sort of known at church for dancing around while the band plays. Here in this area she had free reign to dance her little heart out and she did.

Then we moved over to the right side of the stage and the sun was not nearly as bright. Maybe it was because of the tent in the middle? I'm not really sure. All my photos came out better on this side of the stage.

After this shot with the painting I pretty much gave up and just set my camera back to Auto! lol - Everyone was cranky and it was taking me too long to adjust all the settings.
Meanwhile I spotted these two puppies behind the tables. One of them was stowed away in some sort of luggage caring case.
We went inside and hit the tables. My son wants to be a police officer when he grows up so this was the perfect spot for him.
Our Silly doesn't like anyone dressed up in these suits. They scare her. The lady kept trying to convince her how nice Wally Wise was but she wasn't going for it at all.
We spotted these fun hand made monster pillows.

Back outside we went and they spotted the popcorn machine. The BBQ part will be this coming up weekend. Please don't forget to bring your money for food, drinks and rides. There is plenty to do. It was a fun day and great assignment.

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