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1st Annual Family Reunion


1st Annual Family Reunion

Me and my cousin Greg brought home the winning prize for the 3 legged race. We oddly enough tied my Mother and his Father (they're siblings) the first time around. The second time we really kicked it into high gear. I have the biggest bruise on my leg because I tied our legs too tight! lol
We played a LOT of games and this was an egg race. You put a hard boiled egg in a spoon and then run with it! My sister in law had some family fun up her sleeve. 
 My son found the board game Battleship. The kids had such a great time. Oh the food there was so much food! There were soooooooooooooooo many cookies. I could have ran home from the sugar high! lol Thank goodness I'm going to be doing Murph tomorrow for Memorial day.
The girls took the time to teach our little Silly to catch. She missed a bunch of times before she actually caught one. She is always stuck playing with her brothers so when there are girls around she just loves it! If you are in the mood to see more of our family games you can check out my You Tube channel for the watermelon eating contest, the balloon race and more!


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