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Crossfit Daze-Get Your Plank On!


Crossfit Daze-Get Your Plank On!

Oh the brutality! I'm trying the method of do it right, do it light. I'm having such a hard time lifting my own body weight. It's really interesting what happens in Crossfit. At one point you are expected to not just lift your own body weight but more than your body weight. What ends up happening is that on the one hand you want to get stronger so you can lift more, on the other hand you want to lose weight so you can become faster. It's all intertwined. For some reason this hadn't occurred to me before.

We are trying to do these two limb planks! It's fun enough trying to hold a plank but you want us to only use two limbs. Sadistic I tell you. I didn't want to post the photo of the dual overhead kettle bell 20 second hold. You either have to be a friend of mine on Facebook or a Friend of CrossfitUnity to see that nonsense. Good news to report though! I'm moving from the black band to the green band. That's progress! Last year I was on orange. My toes to bar are almost there if I freaking swing like a monkey! rofl... I'm coming along. Good times....


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