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6/2/12 2-Ouch!

Today's WOD
Day 2 and take 2 for meeting Cheryl on this Saturday morning. What was I thinking? Now all I want to do is get in a pool so I don't have to move around a lot. This was brutal and I had to make some serious modifications. 70 wall balls (15lbs) - (10 lbs for me),60 caloric row, 50 pushups (knees for me), 44 kb sumo dead lifts (26lbs for me), 30 chin ups (black band), 20 double unders (jump rope) (200 single unders for me, 10 burpee pullups - My time 27:31. 800m cool down walk afterward.

My back is killing me. The 200 single unders were not my friend today but I made it through and Cheryl and I survived. Whoo Hoo! And that my friends is day two. I'm not doing Crossfit tomorrow that is for sure. Maybe I will try a jog or something. I need a rest.

We survived!

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