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Crossfit-Daze-Coming Back For More!


Crossfit-Daze-Coming Back For More!

Shaun McCrary general manager at @CrossfitUnity Seabrook, Texas
If you show up the day after a Murph workout you must have some sort of issue or you showed Murph who was boss and it was a cakewalk. Honestly, I took a look at my week and I knew I better get in the gym because my schedule is going to be crazy. If my me time is in the afternoon ok, if I have to switch it up and go in the morning that's ok too. I don't really like working out at night but I will if it's the only time I can get it in.

Today I'm barely moving. Every muscle in my body is sore. I normally take Bayer back and pain reliever for days like today. I'm ready for an Epsom salt bath! For today's WOD (work out of the day) if you are new to the Crossfit lingo we had to do 80 clean and press with a kettle bell in between 3,4, or 5 reps of burpees. We got to pick our poison. Considering my limited movement I knew that the beginner would be too light for me (10lb kettle bell) so I went with intermediate. I have used the lightest weight during a work out and believe it or not hurt myself a lot worse. It had something to do with not having enough resistance, and I learned my lesson.

For me it was an 18lb kettle bell and 4 burpees, it's the intermediate route. What Shaun did was start the clock - GO! I did four burpees and then immediately start on the clean and press with the kettle bell counting reps. The minute is up! Bam get back on the floor for another round of 4 burpees when you finish pick up the kettle bell and pick up where you left off. This went on and on and it hurt so badly. Nothing worse than losing your form in the middle of a burpee. If you let your back sway instead of holding in your core it will mess you up badly.

My time to complete 80 clean and press with a kettle bell was 11 minutes and 15 seconds. The real deal is I made it to 79 and Shaun said, "Burpees!" and I said, "NO I'm counting this rep!" and I stopped. Really I should have dropped and given four more burpees and then the one rep but honestly it wasn't going to happen. My shoulder blades are fried and every muscle in my body is complaining. I'm going to give myself a break and call it good.

My plan for these posts is only to post when Shaun captures me. The photos prompt me to write and I find it easier to do it this way. The shot is obviously of me in midair during the tail end of a burpee. I love those huge arm pit sweat spots! At least you know I'm working hard right? I had no idea I got that kind of height. Pretty cool if you ask me. Until next time...


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