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Crossfit-Daze-Memorial Day Murph


Crossfit-Daze-Memorial Day Murph

Hello Murph, so we meet again. This is the day Crossfitters around the world honor those who have served. I remember this from last year but not well enough. I wish I would have looked up my time or remembered what the WOD was because it would have helped.
I thought I was going to be smart and break it up by 4 rounds. What was I thinking? That was the worst idea ever and I'll bet you I did the same thing last year. NO break that up if you can even more. Even with a black band for pull ups and girlie knee push ups it didn't matter. Murph reminded me who was boss.
By round two I was starring at all the sweat on the floor that was accumulating. It was awful. I didn't think I was going to make it. There were words that left my mouth that were very unlady like. Good thing what happens at the gym, stays at the gym. While I'm on my 175th push up I had to take a break and pray to Jesus. Yes you bet I did. It took everything that I had to finish. I could hear people telling me that I was almost done, "Come on Pam!" Ugh! I'm here until I finish. My legs wobbled during the air squats it just sucked. By 36 minutes in, there was someone already finished. Amazing! After round two I had to break up the other half into 5 rounds or I was NOT going to make it. I was dizzy, I wanted to puke, I wanted to cry, I wanted to give up but I didn't. I was the LAST person to run, sucked to be last but it would have sucked more not to finish.
How funny that NO one else but Branden the one who finished first, Erin the one who did 100 pull ups without a band and me the one who finished last put our times on the board. Where are all the other times? Either way I finished and then I came home to see if I could find my time and lucky for me I was on Daily Mile all the way back then. In 2011 I finished in 60:53 seconds. Arg! One side of me says LAME! It's been a year. The other side says, this is the first time you have run 2 miles in 6 months, get over it, you've been hurt and you're on your way back, you finished! Murph would be proud. As Ken said, "Someone has to bring up the rear!" Until next year Murph.


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