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6/1/12 1-Challenge

Crossfit WOD Jack
It's Day 1 of the challenge. You have to pick some sort of fitness each day. I'm starting out with Crossfit. Today's work out of the day (WOD) was a HERO by the name of JACK. It was a weird day, nothing went right at all. The plan was to meet Cheryl and work out together. The reality was that traffic was horrendous no matter which road my car happen to be on. Much to my dismay I was incredibly late. Normally my routine is a morning workout but this was in the evening.

Everything was off for me. Luckily I listened to my trainer when he told me to go with 55 pounds for my bar. It seemed light at first but the push press was what I had the hardest time with. Near the end I would lock out my arms but I couldn't get them to safely bend so I could bring the bar down. I struggled and struggled and dropped and prayed. lol - I'm not kidding. I kept getting dizzy and just felt like crap. Could it have been the time of day, it was hot, I hadn't eaten anything that would be considered fuel. Nope - my trainer says it just a tough work out. I'm going with it.

The kettle bell swings were with 26 pounds which turned out to be pretty light for me. I'm not complaining! I was happy to have a breather. My back is not ready for me to be doing box jumps yet so I did step ups. You can tell I'm starting all over again because I made it 5 rounds with 20 reps. Most people got a lot further as you can tell by the board. Now that I'm running 400m in my warm up it's a lot harder for me now. I sweat like I just showered it's gross! rofl... Not sure what's in store for tomorrow but it will be something. Until then..

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