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6/3/12 3-Get a Rope! - Day 3
It's Day 3 of the challenge. I'm super sore and I knew I had to get my sweat on but I wasn't sure of the best method. My option? Put a call out to my trainer and let him know there is a jump rope in my box o'goodies. He said, "40 secs on 20 secs off 8 mins in the driveway." - jump rope
"HAH!" I thought. That shouldn't be a problem. Jump rope for eight minutes no problem that's not a long time. Armed with jump rope and my little Silly ready to patrol the circle on her bike I set up my Round Timer app on my iPhone. Thanks for that tip Keith. I began and I kept getting caught up in my rope. It's a long rope which isn't a problem as long as I hold my arms out wide. Unfortunately I kept tripping on it and my daughter would come by and say, "You have to lift your feet up like this Mommy!" and of course that would follow with a demonstration. Seriously!? - survived
It's so HOT outside and let me tell you 40 seconds feels like forever! If you don't believe me then go try it out. My feet were burning afterward! They aren't as healed as I thought they were. Oh well, it's over until tomorrow....

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