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Got Plantar Fasciitis? Try This!


Got Plantar Fasciitis? Try This!

For the last 7 months I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis in my left arch and my right heel. Without fail after a good nights rest I could look forward to that sharp pain every time my feet hit the floor. It's made life a real challenge. Everyone gave me advice on what to do and I have been to physicians for help. Let me list for you what I have tried:
LaCross Ball
Tennis Ball
Golf Ball
Water bottle of ice
Fish Oil
Foot Massages
Acupuncture (in my legs not my feet)
Night Splints
Custom Orthodics
Cortisone Shot
Calf Stretches
Stretching my foot on the wall
Stop Running, Jumping or anything else that causes my feet to slam the ground
None of this worked. The shot worked for a day but it came back. Soon my pain was there all the time even if I was just walking!
The other day I was at On The Run and I saw this Foot Wheel on display and I asked the manager if it worked. She said, "oh yes, the runners swear by it!" So I figured what the heck! I've tried everything else. I tried it and it hurt like crazy! Oh the burn. Then it happened, my little one got up at 4am and I knew I would have to get up and put her to bed. I was dreading it because I knew it was going to hurt! Preparing myself for the pain I got up and there was not pain! What the heck? First time in 7 months that I was pain free. It was a whole new day for me. I posted a pic to Facebook and went back and purchased two more to keep at the gym. When I was there I told the manager she better order more. Sure enough three people that I knew went in there to buy them but they were sold out! I wish you could buy them off the site but they do have a list of retailers. Amazing results! I'm so happy.


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