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6/30/12 - Came and Went Day 8 - 30th

Truth be told I was doing great until my birthday! On June 10th all I did was celebrate and there wasn't any working out other than cleaning the house. That was one day that I missed and then I missed another Sunday but over all I kept up with the challenge pretty steady! The blogging part well I sort of fell off the map with that one. I took so many photos of "proof" with the greatest of intentions of posting daily but too many things happened beyond my control. When I left off it was with a horrible WOD called Candy!

Day 8 -
Day 9 -
My first kick boxing class it nearly killed but it's possible that I was already tired from the two work outs the previous day.
Day 10 - My birthday I did more arms that day. Lifting my beverage and all. Here are few of my remaining workouts. They were so hard. Please feel free to give any of these a try yourself.

I can't seem to locate all my photos but you can always check out the ones I have on my Fan Page under the Crossfit album. We work really hard at what we do. Every work out is tough! I'm thankful for the challenge though because I feel like it really lit a fire under me to keep pushing. Cheers to all of you who finished the challenge.

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