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6/6/12 6-Got a run in today!

I got some Crossfit in this morning but later this evening I wanted to get a run on! Yesterday during Taebo there is nothing but mirrors to see yourself in. Each time I looked in the mirror I kept thinking man I just don't wanna look like this any more. I'm going to be 40 on Sunday for crying out loud. This is not the look I was going for by the age of 40. Maybe if I had not had to sit out for 6 months, ok not sit out but seriously tone it down this would not be an issue. Any way I just wanted to burn off as much as I can safely. The 11:37 was not a bad pace considering this is the first timed mile of 2012. Lucky for me there is and they have about two years worth of my workouts. My fastest mile last year was 9:54 and that's not too far off if you ask me. It's a doable speed to get back to if I work my way up gradually. While running on the track I thought hey I could do another mile but no not really. It's my nature to do too much too soon so instead I stuck with the one mile no matter how lame it seemed. Maybe it will be faster tomorrow? Maybe not. I'm a work in progress. Until tomorrow....

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