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6/7/12 7-Candy

Crossfit Candy WOD
One week down and only 23 days to go! Today I had the awful displeasure of meeting one of the "nasty girls," Candy to be specific. When you look at the board it may not seem like much but please go ahead and give it a shot and let me know what you think. Everything I did was as modified as you can get for crossfit. I didn't even finish the rounds. It was sooooo hot in there and it was a struggle to get through for me at least. My arms were just J-E-L-L-O after pull ups and push ups. You would think I would have some really nice arms by now but not really. Better yes but not where I would like them to be.
This is my proof, my puddle if you will. I'm sure mine is the biggest. Apparently I have a lot of water weight to lose. In the evening when I got home from work I ended up at the track running a mile. The mile was slower than last night but there was less pain so that is a plus. I'm just going to keep working. Only 3 more days left until my birthday. I would be great to see some new digits! Until tomorrow....

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