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The Three Bears' porridge


The Three Bears' porridge

I didn't know I had all the ingredients hiding in my pantry, super! On this morning's breakfast menu my little pirate chose The Three Bears' porridge recipe. The rolled oats part was a little weird because they were so dry and we were unsure of what was suppose to boil. My dh cooked the oats but apparently snuck in an extra cup of milk. Beware of this recipe because it was still too dry even with the added milk.

Take special note of the 3 bowls and 3 spoons. There is a very large spoon for papa bear, medium for mama bear and small for baby bear. How cute is that? I love the photos of the taste test. He takes a bite, thinks about it and then there you have it, the Kramer seal of approval. He wants to make a Fuzzy Navel cocktail next. :) Stay tuned for more cooking with Shrek.


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