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I'm Rocking My Own Socks! - Day 88


I'm Rocking My Own Socks! - Day 88

I've learned so much in the last couple of days it's crazy. First on Twitter MommyJenna was working on a project. She wanted to number her comments in blogger! I too asked about this a while back but the person I asked was using WordPress and I was told it was a complex code so I blew it off. When MommyJenna brought it up again I was curious. I figured out the code thanks to this site right here and MommyJenna sending me the link and it didn't work at first but that's because I put one line of the code in the wrong place. Then I was blog hopping for Aloha Friday and ran across a blog that had a comment form on the post rather than the pop up comment page and it was a blogger blog. I wanted it! After a little research I switched to Blogger draft mode and here is my comment form. Guess what? The comments are still numbered and it all works well. I love it! Leave a comment so you can see the changes for yourself!


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