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Thursday Thirteen # 66 - Random Photos


Thursday Thirteen # 66 - Random Photos

These are 13 random photos that I wanted to share. These kids are so great and there is never a dull moment. I remember telling my mother when I was little, "I'm bored!" Being a mom means never being bored again. That's another one they didn't tell me.

Some days my children sneak the camera. This is one of those days.
My son really likes the panda on her bottom. It's pretty cute.

My son can build some amazing things with a bag of tiny marshmallows and toothpicks.
Toni is by far one of the sweetest dogs on the planet. She loves kids.
Priscilly in her princess walker that her daddy bought her.
Big brother reading to his little brother. We have a lot of book fans around here.
He round the Cool Whip in the fridge. He says, "I'm a monster! Rrrraaaar"
My son says this is his "Treat Garden!" Looks like the onset of a tummy ache to me.

He was eating one of those clone trooper Star Wars cookies that I made. Where did it go?Oh! He gave it to her.
He says, "I'm a green monster!"
She's having fun with her food.
My little helper! :)
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