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Commitment Phobia?


Commitment Phobia?

There are invitations in my email, on Twitter, on Facebook but I just can't promise to rsvp. I can't promise to be any where online. It's not possible when I don't have a concrete schedule or a specific time to be on the computer. Yes, I would love to attend your online event! Yes, I would love to listen in on your blog talk radio show, your Momtv show and show up at your Twitter party and the like! Oh yes, I would love nothing more than to enter to win big but I can't.
There are very few parties that I have made it too but if I made the commitment I was there! I've done all sorts of stuff and you will see me pop in very randomly. It just goes with the territory of being a full time mom to three busy children and a business owner. How do you do it? How do you make it to all the Site Warming parties, the radio shows and the like? What's your secret?

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