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Mr. Linky vs Mcklinky


Mr. Linky vs Mcklinky

There seems to be a new way to link up in the blogosphere! Are you keeping up? I'm trying to. I've been using Mr. Linky for nearly two years now and well, I'm really attached to him. All we did was post one code in the header of our template and then pasted another in our post as we joined memes and off we went!

One day my code didn't work any more and I read something about the server being down and changes were being made to Mr. Linky. At the same time Mcklinky came along and I actually thought that Mr. Linky was Mcklinky. I was wrong! These are two different brands that do the same thing.

I've signed up with Mcklinky and used his codes but I really missed Mr. Linky. I wrote him and told him hey the link doesn't work for me any more. He moved me to a new server and I was back in business!

Mcklinky is cool and the concept is cool but the sign in box that appears after you use the code takes up a lot of space. You have all blog hoppers signing on one link. I like the idea of having random winners each week for the blog hop. Mcklinky picks the theme and we all join in. Traffic? Well I've noticed a decrease not an increase. There are hundreds of people signing in but they aren't hopping.

Mr. Linky, well I returned back to him because I don't have to type in my url or name over and over. Once I sign in the first time blog hopping my information is there. I like that! The traffic, honestly I get better traffic from Mr. Linky. Why? I think they are actually here to blog hop and not just entering for a prize. Then again it could be that this is what we are use too.

Honestly, I'm not going to go through 300+ links because I don't have that kind of computer or that kind of time. Will I visit those who have signed Mr. Linky? you bet! It's the easiest way for me to respond.

I believe they both have useful purposes and there is enough room in the blogosphere for both of them. If you have thoughts about these guys who have made our ability to be more blog neighborly let me know!

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