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Flash Back Friday #55 - Boy George


Flash Back Friday #55 - Boy George

Because of copyright issues I can't find the original music video. Well, I can find it in Spanish but I chose this one just to make a point. During this week on Twitter we were talking about the group Dead or Alive. The lead singer is a guy that wears make up and he made me think of Boy George and the first time I really encountered this type of performer. I know there have been musicians before who have worn make up but Boy George was really the first to confuse me about what I was seeing. When I first saw this video I was a teenager. The group name was Culture Club. I didn't know anything about Boy George. I honestly couldn't figure it out at first. He looked like a girl but then again he looked like a guy wearing make up. The look just blew me away. I was surprised and confused by what I was seeing. Not that it's a big deal by today's standards I just remember being confused.

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