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And The Nominee for Rudest Person on the Planet Goes To...


And The Nominee for Rudest Person on the Planet Goes To...

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This easily falls under the Totally Ticks Me off Tuesday meme hosted by Mommy From The Midwest. Are you following @TaylorSwift13? Do you read The Daily Blonde? I do and I love her stuff and after reading and seeing the Kanye West debacle it is my sincere hope that she will award him her famous AssHat Award.  Yesterday I saw a few articles about the interruption of Taylor Swifts acceptance speech by Kanye West. It wasn't until they replayed the MTV awards last night that I saw it for myself. It was shocking! That poor girl and her face oh geez my heart just sank. Immediately I thought Kayne West + Rude = Daily Blonde's AssHat Award.

Kayne West has always been a controversial character but there is a line between controversy and just plain RUDE. He was on Jay Leno last night apologizing. Words are not enough when you steal someone's thunder like that. There is a headline that reads Taylor Swift's mother "tears into" Kayne West. Well, heck yes! What mother wouldn't? Can you imagine the pride her mother feels for her getting recognized for all her accomplishments and then here comes KW to ruin her moment. Arg! There are no photos or links to Kayne because he doesn't deserve any on my blog but Taylor Swift, you are more than welcome!
She is on Facebook and Twitter too. Show her some love if you have time.

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