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Big Man on Campus


Big Man on Campus

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My son had been complaining about foot pain since his soccer tournament a couple of weeks ago. We have been icing his foot and keeping elevated. Then it occurred to my husband and I that maybe he needed new shoes. In the back of my mind I was thinking, "surely not we just bought him a pair in June and it's only September." We went to our favorite store for sports shoes, Academy.

My just turned 9 yo son is now shopping in the MEN's shoe section of the store folks. He was at the end of the youth size which is a 6 in June and crossed over into a whopping size 7 in then men's size. You would think I might know a thing or two about fast growth rate since I cater to bigger babies. I'm just amazed at the constant growth rate of our kids. An entire shoes size in three months. WOW! I hope this will cure his foot pain now. Special thanks to Nike for offering these super cool soccer shoes at Academy

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