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Obsessive Literacy


Obsessive Literacy

 "Obsessive Literacy" have you heard of this? Maybe not because my husband may have just coined this phrase. We have a reader on our hands. At first you might think that this is everything you could hope for and it does have it's benefits don't get me wrong. Then again we have run into these problems:
- Staying up late just to read a few more pages.
 The result? Wakes up cranky, doesn't want to get dressed, has missed breakfast so he's not late for school.
- Goes to the bathroom and sneaks a book.
The result? Parents really annoyed because this usually happens when we are in the middle of a cleaning frenzy.
- Sneaks books to VBS.
The result? Upset mom who had to tell his best friend not to sneak books in for him at church.
- Any source of light will do!
The result? He has been caught using a flash light to read, reading by his window from the light coming from our neighbors porch lights, reading by the bathroom light and most recently...are you ready for this one?
He actually got our home telephone and was using the light from the phone to read his book. He was caught because the phone battery was dying and it beeps until you turn it off.

I think we can officially call this "obsessive literacy."

The photo was taken just because I couldn't believe our little guy passed out half way on and off the couch. He's hilarious.

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