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Now That's A Party!


Now That's A Party!

My three little people at home have birthdays within a three week span of each other. Rather than have all my family members come over each time I decided to have one big birthday bash. My son wanted us all to go to Jelly Stone Park to camp. At the time it seemed like a great idea. Organizing and keeping everyone happy was a task but in the end everyone had a great time.
On top of my three we had another five in our family who also have birthdays coming! Four of them in September. It just seemed easier since we were all together any way to include all of them too. That birthday cake was awesome with everyone's name on it. That ice cream melted pretty quick but it was really good. Next year, I have to think of something else. Our little baby girl couldn't handle the heat. She was covered in a rash and it was not pretty. I'm sure most of her photos are going to look like she has the measles.

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