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Tip The Scale Tuesday - Week 20


Tip The Scale Tuesday - Week 20

Drum roll please, no gain and no loss! I'm maintaining. I'm surprised because I was practically hooked up to a can of Big Red. I should be their spokes person, then again that might take all the fun out of it. Last Friday I started drinking Red Bull again. What? I needed wings! I needed them fast so the drink did it's job. I had to get my family ready for the big birthday camping trip. For the second week in a row there were zero trips to the YMCA. My kids are pretty much well now and I have high hopes for this week. We did walk all weekend long. There was hardly any sitting down at all. My food journal was non existent. Oh well! Since I began this journey with Angie I have probably dropped a total of 3 pounds. I keep fighting the same pounds. Fall is coming, and that is my season! I love the change of the weather and I have a tendency to work out more and workout outside. If I could just find my mp3 player! I know everyone has an Ipod but I like my mp3 player. Here is to next week! My hubby didn't gain any weight on our trip either. He was pretty happy with his results.

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