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I Love My Eagle Scout


I Love My Eagle Scout

Who has Smores for an after breakfast snack? We do! Happy Labor Day everyone. We are out here at Jelly Stone park having a great time camping with all of our family members. Today I'm thankful for hubby who is also an Eagle Scout. He is equipped with the handiest of skills. He can widdle down one of the meanest marshmallow sticks you ever did see and boy can he build a fire! He took the kids on a hike to explore the camp grounds and they loved it. Our neighbors borrowed the fire to make smores too.

We have our son in scouts too and working his way up the ranks. Some day he too will be able to widdle down the coolest marshmallow stick and build fires and take his own children on hikes some day. That thought makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. :)

We are going home today and it's going to be lots of fun packing up everything in addition to more food than we came with and oh yes birthday presents for three kids. Wish us luck!

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