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Earliest Birthday Party Ever


Earliest Birthday Party Ever

I know, who has a birthday party at 7am? We do! Uncle Joe is here and he was going to leave at 6am but we turned it into a birthday breakfast party. My son was already planning out everything and what time I needed to start decorating. He is a hoot! But today I got him. He was completely surprised. See the look on his face.

He was really cool about the cake! His idea was for me to make the No Bake strawberry cheesecake mini cakes from Jello. That was so easy and then I topped it with Yoda and a Storm Trooper. I had to remove Yoda's robe so it wouldn't get red dye all over it. Geez the things I do!

My Mom and Grandma colored him this shirt while on our camping trip.

What party would be complete without Transformers?

Do you remember Mad Libs? I had to introduce these to my son. He is hooked now.

They have these party masks of Darth Vader and if you get them you will need an engineer to put them together. It's worth it though, they loved them.

I can explain! I had to edit this photo but I addressed the envelope to one of my children but it was the wrong child. OOPS! I just crossed it out and put my birthday boy's name on it. He understood. He gets my mommy brain. Thank goodness. I hope he doesn't end up on a therapist's couch for my error. rofl....
It's one of those musical cards and in this case it's the Imperial March. We are going to hear it all day. I would like to apologize to my husband now because it really seemed like a cute idea at the time. We've heard it about 50 times already and I'm sure we will hear it 50 more. I'm sorry.

Many thanks to the makers of Aunt Jemima for providing our lovely breakfast pancakes, Jimmy Dean for that yummy sausage and Log Cabin for the syrup. Also I would like to say thank you to JELLO for the easy No Bake cheesecake. We loved it! The Star Wars decorations were from Party City and the balloons were supplied by Kroger. A huge thank you to Mom and Grandma for cooking the breakfast and allowing us to use their home for the party. Now he doesn't have to wait all day to enjoy his presents.

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