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For Baby Shower Invitations - Tiny Prints


For Baby Shower Invitations - Tiny Prints

You might have seen me tweeting about my best friend (Emily) having her first baby. She has thrown the baby shower for all four of my children. I'm so excited because now it's my turn to throw her a baby shower. My husband is in charge of giving me a budget because I could easily spend hundreds of dollars on this event. The first thing we did was choose a date and then decide on a place. Now that those two things are ironed out it's time for invitations. 
Before we met up for lunch after finding our buddy on Facebook I took some photos of the mom to be. I LOVE this one after doing a little editing in Picnik.
Twitter has become one of my main sources of finding new go to products. As soon as I put the word out about what I was doing, Rick Bucich from Tiny Prints came to my rescue. I'm really excited to start creating. Tiny Prints has user friendly features that will get these cards completed in no time! I'm going to attempt to use this particular invitation template. It may not work because of the dimension of the photo but I'll keep you posted. If I run into trouble I can always use the live chat service that Tiny Prints has available. 
I ended up using that chat about four different times. I now know Adrienne and Naomi pretty well. My image would not work properly the way it was edited. It's great for just posting on my blog but for printing the resolution was too low. The template didn't work for me either but they gave me a couple of suggestions and this is what I came up with and I'm pleased as punch!

The template I used was created for birth announcements but I tweaked it into a baby shower invitation. Obviously the location, date and time were removed in order to post on my blog.  There is a return address feature that can be printed on the envelopes. I'm glad that I went ahead and took advantage of that feature because it will be consistent. What do you think?

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