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5 Fingers of Thanks


5 Fingers of Thanks


Because of the great response I'm sharing this meme! This week I'm thankful for...

1.) Footie pajamas that are big enough to fit my son! Is he happy or what?
2.) Not being scared to drive in the snow for the first time on Friday.
3.) Being able to remain a strong woman since I'm once again on single mother duty while my husband leaves the country for work. This time he is in Dubai.
4.) Having the funds to budget for Christmas this year and pay cash. The Dave Ramsey way!

5.) Tracy Patterson owner of Crochet Wishes and Handmade Dreams. You have to click over to see what this looked like on her when we first bought it! It's worth the click. I have to get her a new one because obviously she has grown.

If you would like to share in my Sundays of thanks there is a code now under the button to share and a Mr. Linky.

Before you go, don't forget to link up! I'm sure we are in some of the same circles. Have a look around the side bars and don't forget to check the "Add Me" tab.

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