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Thursday Thirteen #93 - Favorite Posts


Thursday Thirteen #93 - Favorite Posts

I've had this blog for going on year number three. As you can imagine there are a lot of posts! I thought I would revive 13 of my favorites. Don't worry my posts are pretty short and sweet. Let's see what I can dig up for you!

1.) Flash Back Friday - Thompson Twins, If You Were Here.

2.) Leg Huggers video review. We had so much fun with this one.

3.) 10th Wedding Anniversary Thursday Thirteen.

4.) This Aloha Friday question generated the most comments for this meme.

5.) The days of boot camp. I can't believe where I use to be.

6.) Six things no one else knows tag.

7.) Marketing to Moms, Target vs. Wal-Mart.

8.) Allergy testing, the skin prick test.

9.) Ultimate Blog Party post hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom this year.

10.) Baby's 1st birthday video footage.

11.) Scrap booking on photobucket. Baby's 1st trip to the

12.) Tornado Toddler series, the tarter sauce.

13.) A resourceful product for moms, The Crotch Guard.

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