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Portrait Painters - Are You In The Market For Something Special?


Portrait Painters - Are You In The Market For Something Special?

Remember that super special lady that just had her 82nd birthday?  If you don't feel free to click on that hyperlink and check her out. She's click worthy for sure.
Recently I was contacted by Portrait Painters to see if I wanted to try their service. At first I wasn't sure but after talking to some friends they suggested that my grandmother might really enjoy a painting. Immediately I thought, "No! I want the painting and I know exactly what picture I would like to use!"

The year is 1939 and she is walking on Houston St. on the down town strip of San Antonio, Texas. She is twelve years old in this photo. Can you believe that? She looks amazing! My brain is just boggled by it. We don't know who the photographer is because my mother says there were random people who would take your photo. Later you could go back to the liquor store to see the developed photo and pick it up for free. She bought the dress from Three Sisters for three dollars. She worked for ten cents an hour for Mrs. Wallace and Mrs. Bacon and others cleaning their homes, ironing or whatever she could. She saved up for her dress and was wearing it with pride.

My mother had the original photo placed in this porcelain dish to preserve it. You can see that in the scan. Now the dish is losing it's luster so I want to take it a step further and preserve it with a painting. I'm beyond excited!

Stay tuned for my follow up post and see how this photo becomes a painting. I get to choose the size, the media, the background and the frame. Have a look for yourself at Portrait Painters. Be sure to check out their Tweets and don't forget to become a Facebook Fan if you like their work.

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