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He Took My Diaper Clutch!


He Took My Diaper Clutch!

The Diaper Clutch is a hot commodity around here. It's home is in my car and it stays there safe and secure. A few months ago I finally decided to order one. We all grew tired of carrying the diaper bag around when we only needed a diaper and a wipe. Being a business owner and hosting several parties I always remember the WAHMs that I work with. I know a good product when I see one and The Diaper Clutch was now a necessity with my weekly trips to the YMCA and church.

When I was thinking about where I would keep The Diaper Clutch I thought it would be really easy for anyone to take it. I simply tweeted @TheDiaperClutch and asked if I could get mine embroidered. No problem! I even picked out my own color design. I love it and I get asked about this product all the time.

Today I was on my way to the YMCA and The Diaper Clutch was missing from my car! Ah crisis, my hubs took it yesterday when he was spending the day with our daughter. I'm telling you it's a must have! What's really neat is we can still use it long after the diapers are gone. What mom couldn't use the wipes and a pair of emergency underwear when potty training?

It's a reasonably priced product and the embroidery is a few dollars more and so worth it to me. This is not a sponsored post, it's just me telling my readers about a "must have baby product."

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