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What Would You Do?


What Would You Do?

Most of you know that I've been working really hard on this baby shower coming up! I went to a bakery I had never been to before to order the cake. I've always wanted to visit but never had the occasion to check it out until now. I spoke to a guy and we brain stormed over some ideas and I told him I would be back. Something told me to shop around but I didn't. Yesterday I tried my best to get as much done as possible. I'm really in a time crunch. While at my church I asked the office person if she recommended any bakeries and to my surprise she name the one that I had visited. Feeling comfortable with that I went back to the bakery, placed my order and paid in cash! I was going to blog about them and Googled the business and found many negative online reviews. The latest was in February of this year. Now I ask, "What Would You Do?"

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