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5 Thumbs Up for Disney on Ice


5 Thumbs Up for Disney on Ice

Can you say fun? We just got home from seeing Disney on Ice. Special thanks to Mom Central for our tickets. Our whole family had a great time at the show and it's fun for all ages! If you are in the Houston area you can use the code MOM and save, for more details click here.

In honor of this weeks Thursday Thirteen meme I tried to keep it down to 13 images in this slide show. We had such a great time and it was just like taking a trip down Walt Disney memory lane. My husband liked the Lion King best but I really enjoyed the Incredibles. Our boys liked the Toy Story soldiers section the best. Silly is only 15 months but she was clapping and smiling. Honestly, it was just a joy to watch all my kids have such a great time. If you do get the chance to go don't be surprised if your little one wants to wear their costume! We saw so many little girls dressed up as princesses. We saw a Buzz Lightyear too. If you are looking for a fun family event check out Disney on Ice, you won't be disappointed.

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