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Baby's First Stitches


Baby's First Stitches

"Baby's First Stitches" you don't see that one in the baby books! I have no idea what happened really. I was walking in my house reading the mail. The baby was walking in front of me. I heard boom and then lots of screaming. I looked down to see her head in the corner of this metal cabinet we use to store our office supplies. I picked her up and the blood was gushing. Ugh!

I told my eldest son to grab some ice STAT! Then I did what any normal mom at home without her husband would do. I called my mother! - lol I sent her this photo via email. She already took off of work to meet me this morning to help with the two little people at their doctor visit. That post is below this one.

She told me to go next door to ask "Mr. Don" what he thought. He's a veteran so he would know is what she was thinking. I thought it was weird to ask him but honestly I didn't know because I think I sort of went into shock. I've been up since 4am dealing with the 3 year old and his breathing problems. Any way I take her next door and explain the situation. He told me, "I know all about stitches!" He took her and put her on his lap to get a better look and he said, "yep you better take her, there is going to be a scar but you need to go." I came back home and called my mother again.

Lucky for me she was able to leave work and meet me at the emergency room to pick up the boys.  My 3 year olds nurse had just told me not to take him out but I had no choice.

They assessed Silly's wound and the nurses wanted to use derma bond but the doctor said no, it was too deep and would continue to bleed. The nurses, there were about 3 of them all looked at each other. You know the kind of looks like they know something you don't.

Yea, they took my baby girl and rolled her up like a tootsie roll. One nurse was at the top of her holding her head, the other nurse held her legs, the doctor stuck a needle in her head. I'm flashing back to my eldest daughter who had stitches when she was about 4 but this was different. My baby girl was SCREAMING!!!!! She was sweating and then I started sweating. I was trying to keep my fight or flight reflex in check. The ER doctor looked at me and asked, "you don't cry?" Insert image of me pulling back my fist and punching him out! I just looked at him because it's taking everything I have to keep myself in check. The nurses turned and looked at me and said, "she's on the edge." I'm thinking HELLO I'm standing right here! Then the nurse says, "her husband is out of the country right now for work it's been a rough week." The other nurse chimes in and says, "try doing it for a year!"

Um, how about NO! I didn't sign up for this people. The other nurse says, "let's get this done." Yes let's please get this done so I can hold my poor baby girl before I hurt you all. Meanwhile, I'm cursing my husband the entire time!

I don't do hospitals, emergency rooms this is NOT my department. I swear I thought I was going to vomit right there! Finally, they were done with her and she was doing the sobbing can't breath cry. You know the one?

Now I have to care for her stitches and in 7 days she has to have them removed. Guess who is going to have that job when he gets back? Right now she is sleeping soundly.  How many stitches did she get? I have no idea. I just watched the doctor pulling her skin together with the thread. It took everything I had not to puke. *Sigh* I guess it could have been worse, right?

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