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Tackle It Tuesday - The Kids


Tackle It Tuesday - The Kids

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

That's right! This week I'm tackling my own kids. They have a long history of ear infections, allergy issues, respiratory issues and food allergies. Frankly they are more sick than they are well. It's exhausting, it's costly and draining of my mommy resources. I'm spent and they need me and they whine to me and they get jealous of each other. It's really a nightmare. Let me take you back a bit and see if you can follow along....
11/30 - Take the 3yo and the 1yo to the pediatrician. Diagnosis - 3yo ear infection both ears (antibiotics & cough meds). 1yo - fine just allergy issues. Cost $90
12/7 - Take the 3yo and the 1 yo back to the pediatrician, neither seem better to me. Diagnosis - 3yo no ear infection, still coughing, change the cough medicine. 1 yo ear infection right ear. (antibiotics & decongestant). Cost $90
12/8 - Take the 3yo and the 1yo to their 2nd allergy specialist. Diagnosis - 3yo well on his way to pneumonia! (antibiotics, steroids, decongestant, breathing treatments, nose spray) The 1yo still an ear infection. (antibiotics, steroid and nose spray). Cost $167

That's 2 bags full of medicine with samples and $340 dollars out of pocket expenses. OUCH!

And this is the return of the fish face!
I'm taking my oldest son to see the same Dr. tomorrow. We have to get these issues under control so we can all have our lives back. Now what did you tackle today?

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