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Thursday Thirteen #93 - Some of My Favorite Blonds


Thursday Thirteen #93 - Some of My Favorite Blonds

Clearly I'm not a blond but it was fun playing with this gadget on Me as Paris Hilton! What? It's all they had to choose from and it goes with my list today. Now on to some of my favorite blond bloggers! Are you reading any of them?

4. Julie @ Momspective

5.) Susan Carraretto @ 5 Minutes for Mom  - Don't worry Janice you rock the brunette list! That's next week. lol

6.) Erin @

7.) Kristen @ La Dolce Vita

8.) Jenni @ Jiggety Jig

9.) Elizabeth @ Parenting

10.) Melody @ Slurping Life

12.) Tori @ Thoughtfully Simple

13.) Audrey from Mom - You may remember her from Pinks & Blues.

Before you go, don't forget to link up! I'm sure we are in some of the same circles. Have a look around the side bars and don't forget to check the "Add Me" tab.

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