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Have A New Kid by Friday - Monday


Have A New Kid by Friday - Monday

I need new kids by Friday not just one. Monday's lesson in the book
Have A New Kid by Friday by Dr. Kevin Leman is to stop asking so much. At least that is the way I would summarize this chapter. You know how you ask your children to do the same thing over and over hoping that the 37th time you have asked will do the trick? Yep, that's the same boat I'm in. I would love for them to start doing things the first time I ask. I don't want drama, I don't want screaming and crying I just want results. It's simple, really. I start out nice when I ask the first time but by the 4th time I'm no longer nice about it. Basically Mr. Leman says, this is my fault! OK - Sweet, I will accept total responsibility. Obviously I'm not getting the results I want because I'm inconsistent. Obviously I can't see my own inconsistency but it has to exist otherwise my little ankle biters would do as I ask the first time right?

Dr. Leman asks, What is your #1 challenge with your child right now? In that situation, think of how you could use the following principles:
1.) Say it once.
2.) Turn your back.
3.) Walk away.

Seems simple enough right? I know what you're thinking! What do you do when they don't do it the first time. What does he say? What's the secret? Basically he gives you several examples of how you don't give the child what they want because they didn't give you what you wanted. He wants there to be immediate consequences. He states "If you say it more than once, you're implying, I think you're so stupid that you're not going to get it the first time, so let me tell you again."

Examples - Not taking your teenager where they want to go, or not giving your 3 year old their favorite milk and cookies, etc. and explain that you didn't like what ever it was that they didn't do.

My biggest problems right now are:
Eldest boy isn't ready to go to school on time.
Our tornado has a problem getting dressed in the mornings, it takes forever.
Baby girl is a hitter. She hits to get attention.

Are his principles working? Yes, they are. The kids have endured a very rude wake up call. There are immediate consequences.

Our eldest boy today leisurely woke up when he wanted to. He has an alarm clock in his room. He is capable of setting it and getting up etc., he has the same morning routine every single day. Today he thought he was going to stay home from school because he was late. No! I just dropped him off on the way to drop the tornado off at his school. I sent his teacher an email and told her that he would be late to school until he figures out how to leave to go to school on time.

I'll keep you updated on how this goes....

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