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Thursday Thirteen # 95 - Goals for 2010


Thursday Thirteen # 95 - Goals for 2010

I'm going for some goals this year! I'm going to see if I can come up with 13 achievable goals. Ready?

1.) Become debt free except for our home.
2.) Get my latest non-profit project completed.
3.) Lose an average of 4 pounds per month.
4.) Read one book a month.
5.) Get those new boots that I want.
6.) Get that super cool new purse that I want.
7.) Get my video camera fixed or get a Flip!
8.) Complete more of our home projects.
9.) Work out 6 days a week.
10.) Train for the 5K in July.
11.) Be in bed by 11pm each night.
12.) Find healthier meals to cook.
13.) Play with my kids more!

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