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Tackle It Tuesday - Habits


Tackle It Tuesday - Habits

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
Today I'm going to try and tackle something a little different. Normally it would be something pertaining to my home but this time it's what's in my home, the kids. My hubs and I have this unspoken war (war may be too strong of a word but it's just to provide the idea) going on after he gets home from work. We both want our me time! The kids want us. Usually I lose because they come to me first and even though I try to say - "go ask your Dad!" or something like that then I feel guilty. Better yet, they want me to do whatever it is any way. This leaves me feeling emotionally spent since I'm with most of them all day. I'm constantly on the entertainment committee.

I have devised a new plan. I've asked my hubs if we could save computer time till AFTER the kids go to bed at night. My hubs gets home some where between 5-6 and that leaves maybe 2.5 hours to go to the bathroom, eat dinner, clean up, shower and then get the kids to bed. That is NOT a lot of time to spend with these kids. It's my hope that this will bring us closer together as a family. I think the kids will fight less and be happier and of course so will I. Wish me luck! What are you tackling today?

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