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#Mamavation Monday


#Mamavation Monday

Watch Lives Change

Weekly Mamavation Goals - 

1.  #fruitnveggie challenge. Get 7-8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. 
2. Water challenge. Strive to drink more water. Some moms are striving to drink half their body weight in water. For instance if you weigh 180, strive to drink 90 ounces of water per day.

My Goals -
  • The long term goal 50lbs. by the end of the year.
  • The short term goal 4 lbs. per month. 
    • January - 4 pounds lost = goal met.
    • February - 5 pounds lost = goal met.
    • March - +1 gain = goal NOT met.
    • April - remains to be seen.
My Work Outs - Completely interrupted by life!

Monday - 1 hour boot camp, 1 hour spin (whoot!) kicked it up a notch.

Tuesday - 1 hour circuit training.
Wednesday - 60 minute walk, 1 hour boot camp
Thursday - 1.5 hours circuit training
Friday - No work out today sick kid at home.
Saturday - No workouts
Sunday - No work outs

Measurements -
Didn't measure - had to finish up with the #ubp10

Scale Reading -
Didn't weigh in - had to finish up with the #ubp10

Stress Level -
Off the charts this week!#ubp10 Coordinating 300+ prizes can be a big job.

The UP side -
Leah and I had a conversation through email and she asked me about going to Weight Watchers because we were talking about food. I explained that I couldn't add one more thing to my schedule. She said, you're telling me what you can't do why not tell me what you can do!" I told her I would work on that list. So here it goes!

Stick to not drinking cokes. That has been pretty easy.
Stick to not eating fried foods.
Stick to NOT eating any fast food.
Stick to my work out schedule and try to increase it each week.
Stick to drinking at least 40 ounces of water during my work outs.

Continue to change what I eat for the better adding more fruits and veggies.
Not freak out if I miss a workout because my schedule was interrupted by life.
Stick to a food journal thanks to my Google calendar.

I have injured my ankle by sitting in this chair too long. I didn't think that was possible. Currently I can't walk or run without hobbling so I have it wrapped and I'm icing it. I'll get back to the gym asap. I miss my workouts!

I'm looking forward to reading how the rest of my "sistas" did this week.
And now I'm going to #GLEEK out on you!

I'm always hunting workout music which you will find in my DJ Booth at You can search the #mamavation hashtag or #workouttunes to see my lists. If you have any music suggestions leave them in the comment section!


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