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HERRICANE SILLY - Strikes Again!


HERRICANE SILLY - Strikes Again!

She is way too big for this car seat but she likes to hang out in it and put her babies in and buckle them up. She found my phone and decided to call her "Nah Nah." She was having an important conversation. No big deal right? I went back to my desk to hunt for some papers. The she popped up out of the seat and said "I go potty!" I'm thinking...this is progress and off she went. She was taking a little too long and I went to check on her. 
You could smell that minty freshness from several feet away. She wasn't going potty, this is what she was REALLY doing. I'm not sure if she thought it was finger paint time or what? It's great to do crafts and stuff with your kids but some times they can't seem to decipher the difference between the art supplies and say....a tube of toothpaste!
Don't let this cute face fool you! She'll be back and ready to strike again at a moments notice. Until next time...stay tuned for further destruction from HERRICANE SILLY.

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