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It's All About The Pie! - Happy Thanksgiving


It's All About The Pie! - Happy Thanksgiving

Special thanks to the Deer Park United Methodist Youth Group for making these yummy pies! Our contribution to the Thanksgiving feast were these cherry and apple pies along with a ham. There was so much food. I'm thankful that our families were able to come together, join in prayer and eat. Also, I'm thankful that my husband has spent the day killing that honey do list! He has done such an awesome job tackling things around the house. I'm super happy about it.
Look at Toni, you would think she had some turkey but she didn't. I caught her this morning snoozing on the couch. Since she is the last dog standing I had to cut her a break. It's Thanksgiving after all and well, I'm thankful to have her still around. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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