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Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop - December 1st - 5th


Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop - December 1st - 5th

Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop

It's been such an interesting journey as a blogger for the last three years. I remember these kinds of carnivals that would come around on a quarterly basis. The job changed hands and I think it sort of died off from there because it was too much for the person to keep up with. Some times it's hard to keep up with the blogoverse as it ebbs and flows. Lots of blogger start and for whatever reason stop blogging. I've been cleaning out my Google Reader lately and have found this to be sort of a growing trend. I caught Simply Stacey as one of those bloggers in my reader and much to my surprise she had rallied some fellow bloggers and the carnival was reborn!

They have an interesting twist to this carnival. It's either cash or gift cards! You can't beat that. I've been viewing many of the offers and there is a lot of really cool prizes out there. There are a lot of shops that are new to me here is a brief list:
Another new little twist is all the forms that people want you to fill out. This can get old after a while. I hope that Stacie will go through some of these links. Many of them don't got to a Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop post. There are several duplicates too. There is plenty of time to sift through all the links though. This blog hop is from December 1st - 5th. I'm sure we will see it again soon since they are usually so successful for traffic. Happy hopping! Click on the image above to be taken to the 300+ links involved in this holiday giveaway.

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