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Bloggie Touch Camera By Sony


Bloggie Touch Camera By Sony

Check it out! It's my early Christmas gift. All I wanted was a Flip but husband went out and picked up this Sony Bloggie Touch in HD with four hours of recording instead.  This camera is so small that it's a lot like filming with an iPhone. I'm in love with the ease of use. I love the way you can rotate the camera and it automatically takes care of it. For a blogger it's awesome because it allows you to easily share still shots and videos easily. Here are a few samples of how the images and video look. I took it with us on our family trip to the Texas Renaissance Festival.
This footage is of Circa Paleo playing a little Led Zeppelin.

One of my favorite photos is this one but you can view more here.
Once I got home I registered and installed the bloggie software. I love that the manual is a pdf file! I haven't really needed it though. The software is so user friendly! I can trim video. The only draw back is that I can't link the videos together. To do further editing I have to use other software but I don't mind. This is an amazing camera! What an upgrade. Check out what I was using until a tape got stuck in it. Isn't it huge? lol

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