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Dear Negative Nancys


Dear Negative Nancys

Dear Negative Nancys,
You ladies completely ruined my work out today. I normally enjoy my work outs. I don't hate the gym, or exercising or breaking a sweat! This is my "me" time away from my family. I use it wisely by destressing and coming home a more relaxed wife and mother.

When I'm here to work out I have to really focus on what I'm doing, my form and work on my own positive mantra. It goes something like this, "Yes you're tired but you can do this!" "Yes it's heavy, but you can lift this!" "Yes, you're out of breath, but if you take a moment to breath deeply, you can catch it!" "Yes, your arms and legs feel like jello but at the end you will be stronger than when you walked in!" There are more but you get the idea.

Today while working out next to you all I heard was "I can't do this." Well then guess what? you can't. Then I heard "I don't want to lift that because I don't want to be sore tomorrow." Oh and my favorite "I'm going to get a bruise!" But wait, that's not all, after you two finished your first set you sat down and had a chat fest about how much you didn't want to be here. Are you kidding me? I tried to get all of you out my ear shot. I moved to the other side but your negative mantra started to creep inside my head. All of a sudden I was slowing down, my weights were feeling heavy, my energy and focus were dwindling. Never have I had a bad work out until today. Even though our trainer would come over and try to keep me going with words of encouragement it was a near thing. I wanted to walk out of the gym. My attitude stunk, my focus was gone and then I realized, I'm spoiled. I love working out with people that want to be at the gym, they want to get stronger, faster and live healthier lives. So negative nancys you might want to spend a little more time at home doing work out dvds so you can keep your negative attitude to yourself. No one at the gym wants to hear it. Yes we want to encourage you and yes we will help build you up but you have to start with yourself first. Some days it's so hard to get to the gym because of all the chaos of life. Don't bring other people down with you.

It is never my intent to allow you to get in my head but today you ladies out numbered me. I may never ever see you again in the gym because it was so hard for you. That is what is most upsetting because with all that complaining you did the odds of you sticking with it is slim. I wish you well, really I do. But please if you are going to get healthy it starts in your head! Good luck Nancys.

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