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#PottyDance - Will Potty For...


#PottyDance - Will Potty For...

Will potty for lollipops? Heck yes! It's an update on potty training. One weekend my Mother and Grandmother caught Silly holding herself so they took her to the big potty and had success. I tried this at home but she would not go for it! She had zero interest in the potty chair. I took the potty chair and hid it! Then she started holding herself and I would sit her on the big potty. I'll be darn the girl went potty! We cheered, we danced, we wiped, flushed, washed hands and picked out a Dum Dum lollipop. We made potty calls to everyone she wanted to call! She even called one of her Uncles at work and when he answered she said, "I pee peed in the potty!" and he hung up on her. I'm pretty sure he thought that was a prank call. lol

This was all step 1 - waiting for her to do her pee pee dance and then taking her to the bathroom. We were now working on step 2 - tell me when you have to go potty! Low and behold she started going on her own into the bathroom. I would hear her and rush in there to listen and help out. She would then begin to yell out, "I go potty!" and then race off to the bathroom. Whoot! Step 3 - tell other people that you have to go potty. This is what we are working on right now. Yesterday I forgot to put a pull up on her and lucky for me no accidents at the Y! Today she went to church in her big girl panties and no accidents! Could it be true? Could we really be almost out of pull ups? She's still wearing diapers over night but WOW is this progress! She is officially 2 years and 5 months old.

We watched the videos and read books and she knew exactly what to do. All I had to do was wait for her to decide she wanted too. I won't always have a lollipop with me which is good because eventually we have to ween her off the treats. For now....I'm going to allow her to enjoy her success. Whoo Hoo!

**Update** Step 4? - We are also working on pooing in the potty! She will go and put a pull up on and hide some where. What is that? lol

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