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1st 10K - Check!


1st 10K - Check!

Thank you so much for the words of encouragement here, Twitter and Facebook. I really appreciate the votes of confidence. Last night was tough because from 2am on, my eyes opened every hour on the hour until 5:20am and that's when it was time to hit the shower. My tummy was full of butterflies! My relay partner rocked his half in 1 hour 23 minutes. He did such an awesome job. We traded tags and then it was my turn. No problem! For the last three weeks there was a lot of training to prepare for this race. Right then my music was thumping and all was right with the world stomach betrayed me. I'm not sure what happened. Did I eat anything different, no? Was I in a positive frame of mind? I was trying to be. There wasn't any fear of the distance. It's no secret yesterday was melt down city. Could this have carried over into my race? Smack dab into two miles I was hit with gastrointestinal distress. Yep, there was NO coming back from it for me. Much to my serious disappointment my destiny was to walk the rest of the way. It's all I could do. There was nothing I could mentally do to stop what was happening to me. Today, was the day to suck it up and cross the finish line walking. In a million years I never thought this would happen but it did. It's 1pm and I'm still sick to my stomach but hope to recover soon. Oh well, on to the next race.....

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