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All Carbed Up! But Am I Ready To Go?


All Carbed Up! But Am I Ready To Go?

Tomorrow is the big day! I've trained, tapered, babied my latest injury and carbed up tonight for dinner. My packet has been rummaged through and my bib number is 1404. I'm ready to get all my gear together tonight. My super cool pants, For Glory t-shirt, socks, leg sleeves, sports beans, iPod charged and ready to go and of course my running shoes. What more could I possible need? A good night of sleep? That would be nice! Another Epsom salt bath just for good measure?

I'm running 6.555555555 miles tomorrow. I've never done it before and we are supposed to go in with a good attitude, ready to kill it! I thought I was at that place but a rapid chain of events over the last few days have caused me to mentally break down. That's right! The day before the race and I'm brought to tears and long walks. I can only control my own actions but it doesn't mean that these situations hurt any less. It only means that I have the power to control how long it hurts. Here I sit utterly frustrated that I'm no longer prepared mentally. There is NO "A game"  for me right now. How am I going to pull this off? I'll let you know tomorrow after I cross the finish line.  

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