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#Mamavation - Body Fat Analyzing


#Mamavation - Body Fat Analyzing

You know when we have those weeks when the scale isn't so kind to us? When we have worked out and eaten right and still the numbers aren't what you think they should be? Over the last 15 months I've had that happen a lot on a weekly basis. My Mamavation Monday posts have read that way several times. Normally the response will be ,"oh you must be gaining muscle!" Well now I get to find out the real deal!

My Crossfit gym Crossfit Unity Seabrook is kind enough to offer their members for free, a full DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) scan. It's part of their Spring Slim down challenge. We go in and get scanned and for 6 weeks we get our Crossfit work outs in, make good food choices and then come back to see how what we have done is working! I'm so freaking excited about it that I just can't contain it. What's in it for the winner who loses the most after 6 weeks? Bragging rights! What else? No longer will I have to wonder about the muscle weight. I'm going to know a ton of information.

"A relatively new technology that is very accurate and precise, DEXA is based on a three-compartment model that divides the body into total body mineral, fat-free soft (lean) mass, and fat tissue mass. This technique is based on the assumption that bone mineral content is directly proportional to the amount of photon energy absorbed by the bone being studied.

DEXA uses a whole body scanner that has two low dose x-rays at different sources that read bone and soft tissue mass simultaneously. The sources are mounted beneath a table with a detector overhead. The scanner passes across a person's reclining body with data collected at 0.5 cm intervals. A scan takes between 10-20 minutes. It is safe and noninvasive with little burden to the individual, although a person must lie still throughout the procedure.

DEXA is fast becoming the new "gold standard" because it provides a higher degree of precision in only one measurement and has the ability to show exactly where fat is distributed throughout the body. It is very reliable and its results extremely repeatable; in addition, the method is safe and presents little burden to the subject. Although this method is not as accurate in measuring the extremely obese and the cost of equipment is high, DEXA is quickly moving from the laboratory setting into clinical studies." - courtesy of

Sunday I will get a full report! I'll keep you posted how this 6 week challenge goes. Wish me luck!

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