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HERRICANE SILLY aka The Stealth Bomb! & The Pumpkin Pie


HERRICANE SILLY aka The Stealth Bomb! & The Pumpkin Pie

"Soapy, soapy, soapy!" she said. I turned around after responding to an email thinking she had gotten into the hand soap. No she had not gotten into the hand soap. There were big piles of this all over the floor. I opened up the fridge to find....
that she had gotten into the entire pumpkin pie! It had been in the freezer and my son had the oven on last night so I asked him to bake it. The pie went into the fridge to chill and look what she did to it! But wait, that's not all.....
she colored the television! But wait, that's not all....
she fed or colored or whatever this is to her Minnie Mouse! But wait folks, that's not all....
she spread it all over both sides of the couch. But wait there's more... I don't have any more photos but it was all over the floor and in the carpet. She did this in a matter of minutes. Never once did I hear her open or close the refrigerator. Clearly she was running back and forth having a great time. Lucky for me I was able to clean all of this up! It's taken about an hour but it's done. Now back to our regularly scheduled program. 

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