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Just Say NO! - To The 5 Second Rule


Just Say NO! - To The 5 Second Rule

It began like this...So I'm parked on 146 in 5 o'clock traffic. Silly is passed out in the back and my gas light comes on. I figure I'll wake her up when we get to the pool. She starts coughing and then it leads to puking all over the back seat! Awesome. I turned the car around and headed home to clean her up. I'm thinking I just avoided a near death experience or something. The universe did not want us over at the pool today to swim with Karen.

I get her home, get her clothes in the wash and get her bathed. We eat a little sandwich for dinner and get ready to get settled in for the night. All of a sudden she decides she's going to go swim in the backyard. My phone rings. 

Is this .....Kramer's mother?
Yes...this is so and so from Twilight Camp, it seems your son has eaten a peanut M&M and his lips are swollen, do you want us to give him the Epi-Pen?
WHAT!??? Where is my husband?
Mam, we are trying to find him right now. Do you want us to give him the shot? 

All I hear is conversations regarding preparations of this shot and then I hear, "ok little buddy hang on!" And then I hear my little baby boy screaming, there is nothing I can do. My husband is there but there is nothing I can do. Immediately I tell her I'm on my way! 

I get my Silly and go to the end of the street for gas. I asked my husband to send me a picture (thank goodness for phones with cameras). He sent me this...
And so it begins.....what hospital do we meet at and what do we do with the other children. Immediately phone calls and texts are sent. We meet up with family to exchange kids while I wait for the ambulance. Finally it arrives and I go in the ER with my son. His lips are huge but he's dazzling the nurses and EMT folks with his address, phone number and mad counting skills. 
I told him, "You know not to eat the M&M's from the yellow package!" He said, "I know, it wasn't in the package! I ate it off the ground!" And everyone in that room cracked up laughing, and they told me "Come on Mom you can't be mad at him for that." Really? How can we expect our 4 year old to resist a bright blue M&M off the ground? *Sigh*

Many hours later we transferred cars and kids again and they released our little guy to go home! He insisted on keeping these sticker monitor tags.
These become very unpleasant when you take them off. We got phone calls from the Twilight camp folks. They will be sending a note home asking parents not to send their kids with peanut snacks. :( 

Sorry! The 5 second rule does NOT apply. He had to learn that lesson the hard way today. Thank you friends for your prayers and support.

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